Emergency Cold Storage

Emergencies often strike without warning. Be prepared for refrigeration and cooling malfunctions in advance knowing that La Crosse Transport is just a call away. If your refrigeration unit has gone out or is not able to handle the extreme temperatures of the midwest seasons, La Crosse Transport will provide you with a backup emergency cold storage trailer. We cut out the hassle of transportation by bringing the trailer to you.

Emergency cold storage is an important back up plan for restaurants, grocery stores, medical facilities, event venues, and many other situations that rely heavily on refrigeration units. Our team will install the unit and provide you with the needed instructions to keep the cold storage unit running. Our team will return to pick up the trailer once the emergency has been managed.

Non-Emergency Cold Storage

La Crosse Transport’s shuttle service is a great option for businesses to store their perishable goods during construction, expansions, and renovations. Before you begin your construction, plan ahead and contact La Crosse Transport for safe, reliable cold storage. Our mobile cold storage trailers are built to safely store perishable items at FDA regulated temperatures. Our team will deliver the cold storage unit to your site for the duration of needed time and will pick it up when you are finished. For whatever cold storage needs your construction or event demands, La Crosse Transport can deliver.

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