Trailer Washout Near La Crosse, WI

We understand the importance of operating a clean trailer especially when transporting perishables and livestock. That is why La Crosse Transport offers trailer wash-out services to keep your fleet clean and sterilized for your next transportation. Our on-site location includes a full wash-out facility to provide fast & efficient cleaning of the trailer’s interior that will help your fleet meet proper sanitary inspections.

Livestock Trailer Washout

Livestock washout service is a safe and effective precaution to prevent contamination between livestock and other transported goods. For the truck and trailer companies that specialize in the transportation of livestock, it is important to have a service they can count on for fast, reliable, and efficient trailer washout. Our washout services include a thorough cleaning of the trailer with special focus on the interior as needed to help ensure the trailer is sterilized and ready for transportation. Trust our professional technicians for efficient trailer washouts that follow up-to date cleaning protocol to help prevent cross contamination.

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